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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Book Release Updates.

Over the last few weeks I've had an increasing number of posts, messages and comments asking when Forbidden Love (Needle's Kiss #3) will be out. 

This post will answer all the questions I've been hit with plus some. 

I had originally set a release date of August for Haven and Judes story ... however that's been pushed back.  I apologise for the wait and hope you'll understand why. Firstly I'm now a single mother of four kids ... Yes, FOUR. Two of which are 11 and 12 and who have school, sport, friends and social lives that I work around. The other two are still little (Under 5) and demand all the attention in the world. All of which tend to act out at time simply because the world they knew is no longer. Besides this as you would understand I also have custody battles and court cases that go along with any marriage breakdown. I won't go into details because frankly it's a private matter I'd like to keep that way. We all know parenting is hard however and hats off to anyone who's pushed a tiny human from their vagina. I will say too I've come to find a million buckets of extra respect for the woman who're being mum and dad every single day ... and night because we know being a parent doesn't mean you get to knock off work at 5pm. 

Along with this I've also been suffering from writers block ... which in itself is frustrating and terrifying. Not being able to get the words that are in your head out and down on paper. 

I love to write. I love that feeling of putting words on paper and then getting a tiny message that says "Thank you. I read this one small line and I really resonated with it." Or "I loved your book" Everyone is human and we all want some kind of acknowledgment that we did a good job. 


Haven and Judes book simply isn't working for me right now and I won't put out a book that I'm not 100% happy for my very loyal readers to pick up. This is my main concern when it comes to Forbidden love. It's the last book in the series and while I understand you're all waiting for it ... I just can't and won't let you all down with half assed rubbish.

'You can't charge at a tree with a sword and demand it produce fruit.'

It'll tell you

"I'll fruit when I damn well want to." 

Braxton (Rough & Hard #2) Will be out later in the year as I'm slowly working on this one. 

You may have seen a few posts here and there about 'Broken & Bruised' this book has been swirling around in my head for a little while now, pestering me and poking at my busy brain. This story is a tale that is very close to my heart and really hits home. While I can't yet tell you much about it be assured this book will have my everything poured into it. Not everyone will like this one but I am writing it for myself, I'm writing it simply because it's a story I need to put down on paper and have even one person understand. 

All in all. I want to thank everyone for their patience and continued support. Right now I'm doing what I can while focusing on my little family. 

One more thing I wish to bring to light is nasty comments. Yesterday I received a comment that was in poor taste and rather snarky. 

While some may think this is no big deal, I think it's just plain old rude. And I won't respond to comments of this nature. This will be the first and last time I address the issue and then nothing more about it. Snarky comments to an author, your mum, dad, sister or stranger on the street aren't classy. It makes you look like a foot stomping two year old ... and honestly it gets you nothing and nowhere. I do understand the frustration of readers having to wait for the book they want to read but stop a second to look at the timeframes some of us have waited in the past. I've had to wait a full 12 months for a book. Stephen King ... I read a reader having to wait 7 years for a sequel (Comment made by a reader and not verified) My point is take the time to think about how busy life in general is and then think about how we as people know nothing about what is going on in the home life of our favourite authors. Then rethink how you word your comments or posts. 

Authors are people too, we have lives, we have responsibilities and if lucky enough our very own social lives. We are not robots. We occasionally have the dumbs, brain farts, say stupid things and just get stuck. We are human. 

 Above all ... don't make yourself look like a spoilt twat. 

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Forbidden Love (Needle's Kiss #3) Cover Reveal.

Title: Forbidden Love
Series: Needle’s Kiss #3
Author: Lola Stark
Cover Design: LM Creations
Expected Release Date:  August 2014

Haven is his best friend’s little sister.
Jude’s been in her life since before she could walk.
She’s got secrets. He’s got baggage.
When the two of them collide, their lives shatter.
Will they be able to put the pieces back together?
Or will the jagged edges hurt those they care about the most?

Goodreads Link:

What to say ? Errrr...
 Lola hates all things sultanas.
Lola is a little strange and unusual.
Lola has no brain-to-mouth filter (this may or may not have gotten Lola into trouble - repeatedly).
So what else can I tell you about me ? I have a dog, 3 birds and a pet rock. I was a teen mum (DON'T DO IT). Right now, I'm alternating writing this and yelling at my kids to stop jumping on the bed and to go the f*ck to sleep before I push them off. I may be a little... okay very, inappropriate...often. Junk food and I have an understanding: I eat it, it hibernates around my ass and thighs. I live and breathe music, almost any kind is fine by me. I cuss like a sailor and sometimes smell like one too (hey now, McJudgy, you can't shower, brush your teeth or hair if you're in the middle of writing a book). I make a mean potato-layer bake and I have slight road rage. I struggle not to laugh when my kids are inappropriate and say screwy sh*t. I don't really like people...I'm that creepy chick who sits in the corner till she has a booze buzz going on, then I'm as loud as f*ck. I have an addiction to shoes. I smoke like a chimney. So that's me! I'm screwy and funsized (it's not called short anymore). You'll either love me or hate me, but I am always just ME!Lola is a single mum who despises drama and sh*t talkers.
Lola is keeping Coca-cola in business one 2lt bottle at a time.
Apparently, Lola likes to talk in the third person about herself.
 This here is what my profile says everywhere: Lola Stark lives in Australia, Is an at-home mummy with no filter, raising a hoard of minions. Lola has loved to read for as long as she can remember. When not wrangling the children, she can be found sitting at her computer, writing, facebooking or just generally messing around. I know, I know third person again.


#1 Tattered Love
#2 Conflicted Love
There is a giveaway for 4 Ebooks of winner’s choice from Lola Stark’s published books.
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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Signings and stuff!

Where I'll be and what I have planned. 

After receiving a few emails and messages regarding some confusion as to what signings I'll be at I decided it was about time I put up the official word. 

Wait that wasn't right ... here we go. 

I had originally been scheduled for a few signings over the next year the first being Sin with the Saints a fantastic signing in Park City, Utah.  Unfortunately due to the fact I'm now raising my children only own some sacrifices have had to be made... this was one of them.  My mini minions do come first in my life and due to home circumstances the trip I planned for this signing and visiting my GBFF isn't feasible at the moment. (Insert sad face here) 

I will try my very hardest to get to the states as soon as I can but right now it isn't a possibility. I'd like to extend my thanks to Elaine and her group of amazing helpers, authors and guests for being so very understanding. 

Next on the list was the Melbourne Author invasion. This one I was excited for but I will no longer be attending this event. 

On a sweet note my next signings will be close together. 

Firstly the Readers and Writers Down Under Convention (Formerly Indie Authors Down Under) March 27th - 28th to be held on the Gold Coast ... please note my ridiculous excitement about this event. Some of my favourite people in the sole of the country will be there and that just makes a girl all giddy. 


IADU 2014 was ah-mah-zing! Next year promises to be just as good if not better! 
#Shenanigans #ILoveToFacePlantTheSand #BitchStoleMyWine

Next up is the Naughty Sinners Book Bash by the Beach signing which will be held on the 9th May at Maroochydore.. oh the fun this will be. I mean really, a signing titled Naughty Sinners promises to be all kinds of fun. AND! AND !!!!! This has me bouncing up and down.... The VIP after party will be *Insert dramatic drumroll here* A Naughty Masqueade Mask themed party!!!!!!

Sooooo... as a whole I'm heaps excited for what's coming in the next year. I look forward to seeing all your pretty Aussie faces there and if we're lucky a few overseas lovelies too! So don't wait get your tickets to those signings as son as they go on sale! 

Peace out, bitches and Babes! 

Friday, 2 May 2014

The music behind the words.

Many of you may already know that I have this addiction ... it's pretty serious. It's a big part of my life. An overwhelming part of my life. 


Each and every book I write I have a huge playlist of music I make cuts to until I find the perfect songs for the story. I can't think without music playing it's like a switch inside my head say "Excuse me! Where're the tunes, dude? No music no words. Simple." 

I often find myself communicating with my best friend with music. He does the same .. it works. Song of the day. 

music for the moment. 

Forget answering the question "What are you doing?" with "writing about such and such"

That's be a normal answer ... 
We aren't normal though ;) Not even close. 

We'd rather answer with a song lyric or link.

Feeling down .. there's a song for it. 

Empowered .. oh that song fits perfectly. 

Excited, frustrated, pained? There's a song for everything. 

Musicians are some of my favourite kind of artist. They create a world you can escape into, feel through and roll around in. 

Much respect for anyone who can make you feel though their art. it's a great achievement that deserves a hell of a lot of praise. 

I love to share my  favourite music and I love finding new music so if you have some you'd like to share comet here, find me on Facebook or email me! 

Known, unknown just something that calls to you I want to know all about it! 

You can find all my book playlist though this link! 

Friday, 28 March 2014

IADU Signing Gold Cost.

What an amazing event! I arrived in Gold Coast a few days early and immediately dashed over to the international airport to pick up my bestie and all round awesome dude, David Michael Author of the amazeballs United Series. 

David was a surprise visitor for the event and came to check out the sights of Oz. I was way excited for him to be there and we had the best time in the history of evers, creating hashtags and just being dorks. My time with him will forever rank at the top of my favourite things. Cue huge smiles and happy faces!  

The lovely Jess organiser of IADU and blogger at A is for Alpha B is for Books was sweet enough to come and pick us up along with a car full of my paperbacks. One of the sweetest, funniest girls I've ever met! Much much love to our awesome sauce girl of many talents.



And refreshments!

Skip ahead a day and Carmen Jenner my favourite whore walks through the doors in all her smurf glory! Not surprisingly we didn't bother with proper intros just called each other names and squeezed the hell out of one another.  

Tongues out bitch!

Manpower was next on our list of things to do, so we all put on our prettiest bloomers and hit the bar to see oil slicked hotties rip off their clothes and shake what their mommas gave em. 
And by god, did they ever. 

At one point not only was I having coconut oil and man sweat licked from my hand but we had a very buff boy dancing on our table ... Poor David was so overwhelmed he almost passed out. 

Enter a few too many drinks and the hashtags begin. 

An interesting elevator ride with a couple of cute girls we later found out were fans. Insert some chick removing a belt in the lobby of the hotel with her teeth and a little more fun along the way. 

we wound up back in Jess's room. There was wine, giggles, bed cuddle puddles and you guessed it more hashtags.

After the best cuddles EVER copious amounts of coffee and a few fuck off I'm sleeping's David pressed publish on Cursed (The United series #2) You need that book ... like now. 

Celebrations included a quick trip to Pac Fair to pick up all the pretty things but turned into a heap of pretty things that we hoped would fit into our luggage.

Enter becky! Editor of the year (It's true look it up) from Hot Tree Editing with a damn cute english accent! 

Friday night football is a must when you have a friends over from the states. Off we go to watch cute boys in short shorts tackle each other.


Fast forward to signing day! 

In walks me in my PJ's to the author breakfast. I did warn everyone it was going to happen. Pj's and socks for the win! Hey... I pulled it off. Carmen and Simone even fixed my face while I woke my ass up.

Thankfully there are no photos of that! 

Signing set up time. 

I walked in the doors and took a step back there was a table with my name on it ... I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd come far enough to see my name on a table at an event that promised to be all the things. A few times I had to pinch myself, take a breather and refocus. Thank god for BFF's who know when you're quietly having an internal meltdown. 

Authors started pouring in the doors to set up and still I was thinking what the hell am I doing here ... among the likes of Abbi Glines, Carmen Jenner, C.M Stunich, Kylie Scott, Bella Jewel, Bj Harvey and Kelly Elliot and so, so many more!

I was still convinced Jess and Jodie (The amazing co-ordinators) had invited me by accident. 

David did an amazing job of setting me up while I pretended to look like I knew what I was doing.

Sexy promo boy! 

The event itself blew me away.

It was so well put together and welcoming I was feeling overly blessed to be included. 
One tiny meltdown and a cuddle later I was on track to meet all the amazing people who stopped by to see us.

Doors are open and people start pouring in. I'm staring with absolute shock David looks at me and laughs before people start heading over. Que mind blank. Why am I here... what am I meant to be doing? Internal cursing is imminent and up steps the first of a group. 
Insert hashtag #FakeItTillYouMakeIt 


Amazing gifts and awesome bloggers!

No awkward hello's here ... this time. 
Jodie Event coordinator and blogger at Fab, Fun and Tantalizing Reads

Add in some more...

Super amazing people and the super amazing gifts you all bought me PLUS super amazing fun!!! 

It was insanely busy. But somebody stomped his foot and used his daddy voice until I sat down and ate. 

Did I mention the cute cover model, boob signing and hot firemen? 

Pack up pics were a bit of cheeky fun. 

Wiped out as we all were we took our blisters and bad hair back to our rooms to get ready for the V.I.P Dinner. 

Insert more #AuthorsBehavingBadly
and super fun rides on the baggage trolly's.

Cute dates and .... drinks. Yeah, this is where it gets messy.

Squishy booby hugs and dress malfunction flashing.

Sweet girls and bum grabs.

Messy Jess! 

Jen and her rockin outfit! 

Messy photo booth! 

And ... #AuthorsBehavingBadly hit the beach with a bottle of wine and our formal wear.

Carmen bought to us #ILoveToFacePlantTheSand

I learned that I can still cartwheel ... in a cocktail dress... drunk ... on the beach.

However after much giggling and empty bottle and me sitting in waist deep water, in my dress, covered in sand we made our way back to the hotel hoping we wouldn't get arrested in the meantime.

After the after party ...

Wake me up when my head doesn't hurt please ...
Our previous night ensured I woke up with a hangover and a blown out knee.

Thinking we'd take it easy for the day we hit the beach to banish the pasty white skin and check out the talent...
Somebody got a little snap happy. 


And perfect penis pockets in the sand ... gotta protect the merchandise! 


x x x 

Cross Promo before we said a teary goodbye to Carmen.

(Me reading Enjoy your Stay and Carmen reading Blessed (The United Series #1)

Come back, Carmen ... come back! 

We tucked our tears away and hit the sand for the rest of the day before dinner and drinks with the sweet and sassy Kristine from Glass Paper Ink bookblog and her lovely hubby Michael. 

It was pretty damn neat having dinner drinks and a great chat with those two. 
Plus our waiter at Hard Rock found us drinks with #AllTheThings

Monday rocked around way too quickly however it bought about some more tanning and reading! 

And a Skype chat to our Care bear in Utah! 


Even from the tenth floor. 

Sushi for dinner .... This was a cherry popper for me. I'd never had it before so off we went. Sake and all...


Yum Yum! 

And a quiet walk on the beach. 


Leaving our mark on the shores of GC! 


And some special bubbly from Kristine and Michael topped off the night and helped celebrate Destry (Rough and Hard #1) going live.

With sulky faces we started our last day together in GC. there was laughter and tears all through the day. A bit of a wander around GC and some new ink for both David and I.

I was contemplating knocking her out and taking off with her shoes ...

Ink Love! 

'Make each day count'

And my fav shirt in the history of ever! 

The rest of the day kind of spoke for itself ...

Once we'd shopped ourselves out we got sorted jumped in a cab and headed out to Draculas! 

Who knew we loved M&M ?! 

Draculas was AMAZING and so much fun! 
I'll definitely be going back again one day.

The cab ride back to the hotel was more than bitter sweet. Not only did we know it was our last night in GC but it was the last night before David headed all the way home to the states and I went back home too.


Cuddles and heavy neck breathing didn't last long until it was time to head to the airport and say goodbye for a while.

I'm not gonna lie there were plenty of tears. Even Lola Stark cries ... bet you didn't know that! 

Nobody needs to see those photos.

I sat at the airport waiting to catch my flight contemplating....

One week. Just one and yet it was the most amazing week of my life. I laughed, I stumbled, I cried. I met the most precious people I'll ever find and I wouldn't trade a single moment of it for all the pretty things in the world. 

I read a quote once ...

 'One day somebody is going to hug you so tight it'll sticky tape all the pieces back together.' 

That's never been truer than at this moment. I met a heap of people who did just that. They've all made a huge impact on how I want my life to go and who I want to be. 

Before I'm done with this post I want to say thank you to all the fans, contributors and organisers of #IADU14 you all made it such a special event that truly will go down in history. 

Here's a few words to summarise it all....

The best portions of your life will be small nameless moments spent smiling with someone that matters to you. 
Don't let those moments fall by the wayside. 
They are the key to your happiness.