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Sunday, 12 January 2014

I'm Back Baby!

I had a website.
I was paying through the ass for my website. 
So what does one do when a website costs too much? 
You shut the bastard down and offer sexual favours for a new one. 
Kidding ! Or am I ? 

A few things have changed as far as my webiste goes

1) It's now freaking hot ! 

2) There's only one rule here. 
No pants!!!

3) This place is pretty much all about me and my books. 
I'll most likely toot a few other horns here and there though.

4) It's just plain awesome round here and...

5) You can find where I'll be and when.

So that's it my first OFFICIAL post. 

Can you tell I suck at these things?

Great. Now go play around on here, it's pretty freaking neat. ( Thank's to Carmen and Ben)

Make sure you hover over my really cool tattoo gun but you gotta have the sound up! 

Love, Sex and Cash 


  1. Hello! Loving the look of the new site. <3

  2. Lola the page looks AMAIZING!! Congrats! And just in case I have no pants on! ;) <3 you bunches!

  3. Love your new page Lola Stark !!! Congrats and luv ya lots!!;)

  4. Love your new page. So hot ;-)

  5. Welcome back. Owning website maybe a great idea but it can be expensive. I would be looking forward to read your blogs. Thank you for sharing.