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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Signings and stuff!

Where I'll be and what I have planned. 

After receiving a few emails and messages regarding some confusion as to what signings I'll be at I decided it was about time I put up the official word. 

Wait that wasn't right ... here we go. 

I had originally been scheduled for a few signings over the next year the first being Sin with the Saints a fantastic signing in Park City, Utah.  Unfortunately due to the fact I'm now raising my children only own some sacrifices have had to be made... this was one of them.  My mini minions do come first in my life and due to home circumstances the trip I planned for this signing and visiting my GBFF isn't feasible at the moment. (Insert sad face here) 

I will try my very hardest to get to the states as soon as I can but right now it isn't a possibility. I'd like to extend my thanks to Elaine and her group of amazing helpers, authors and guests for being so very understanding. 

Next on the list was the Melbourne Author invasion. This one I was excited for but I will no longer be attending this event. 

On a sweet note my next signings will be close together. 

Firstly the Readers and Writers Down Under Convention (Formerly Indie Authors Down Under) March 27th - 28th to be held on the Gold Coast ... please note my ridiculous excitement about this event. Some of my favourite people in the sole of the country will be there and that just makes a girl all giddy. 


IADU 2014 was ah-mah-zing! Next year promises to be just as good if not better! 
#Shenanigans #ILoveToFacePlantTheSand #BitchStoleMyWine

Next up is the Naughty Sinners Book Bash by the Beach signing which will be held on the 9th May at Maroochydore.. oh the fun this will be. I mean really, a signing titled Naughty Sinners promises to be all kinds of fun. AND! AND !!!!! This has me bouncing up and down.... The VIP after party will be *Insert dramatic drumroll here* A Naughty Masqueade Mask themed party!!!!!!

Sooooo... as a whole I'm heaps excited for what's coming in the next year. I look forward to seeing all your pretty Aussie faces there and if we're lucky a few overseas lovelies too! So don't wait get your tickets to those signings as son as they go on sale! 

Peace out, bitches and Babes! 


  1. What kind of event is that? Please provide some details about this one thanks and let me know if this event is for kids too or not? So that I can also take my kids there too.

  2. Its kind of fun festival fir kids i think. Such shows should be arranged for the kids entertainment. Because now media is not focusing on kids entertainment.

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