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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Book Release Updates.

Over the last few weeks I've had an increasing number of posts, messages and comments asking when Forbidden Love (Needle's Kiss #3) will be out. 

This post will answer all the questions I've been hit with plus some. 

I had originally set a release date of August for Haven and Judes story ... however that's been pushed back.  I apologise for the wait and hope you'll understand why. Firstly I'm now a single mother of four kids ... Yes, FOUR. Two of which are 11 and 12 and who have school, sport, friends and social lives that I work around. The other two are still little (Under 5) and demand all the attention in the world. All of which tend to act out at time simply because the world they knew is no longer. Besides this as you would understand I also have custody battles and court cases that go along with any marriage breakdown. I won't go into details because frankly it's a private matter I'd like to keep that way. We all know parenting is hard however and hats off to anyone who's pushed a tiny human from their vagina. I will say too I've come to find a million buckets of extra respect for the woman who're being mum and dad every single day ... and night because we know being a parent doesn't mean you get to knock off work at 5pm. 

Along with this I've also been suffering from writers block ... which in itself is frustrating and terrifying. Not being able to get the words that are in your head out and down on paper. 

I love to write. I love that feeling of putting words on paper and then getting a tiny message that says "Thank you. I read this one small line and I really resonated with it." Or "I loved your book" Everyone is human and we all want some kind of acknowledgment that we did a good job. 


Haven and Judes book simply isn't working for me right now and I won't put out a book that I'm not 100% happy for my very loyal readers to pick up. This is my main concern when it comes to Forbidden love. It's the last book in the series and while I understand you're all waiting for it ... I just can't and won't let you all down with half assed rubbish.

'You can't charge at a tree with a sword and demand it produce fruit.'

It'll tell you

"I'll fruit when I damn well want to." 

Braxton (Rough & Hard #2) Will be out later in the year as I'm slowly working on this one. 

You may have seen a few posts here and there about 'Broken & Bruised' this book has been swirling around in my head for a little while now, pestering me and poking at my busy brain. This story is a tale that is very close to my heart and really hits home. While I can't yet tell you much about it be assured this book will have my everything poured into it. Not everyone will like this one but I am writing it for myself, I'm writing it simply because it's a story I need to put down on paper and have even one person understand. 

All in all. I want to thank everyone for their patience and continued support. Right now I'm doing what I can while focusing on my little family. 

One more thing I wish to bring to light is nasty comments. Yesterday I received a comment that was in poor taste and rather snarky. 

While some may think this is no big deal, I think it's just plain old rude. And I won't respond to comments of this nature. This will be the first and last time I address the issue and then nothing more about it. Snarky comments to an author, your mum, dad, sister or stranger on the street aren't classy. It makes you look like a foot stomping two year old ... and honestly it gets you nothing and nowhere. I do understand the frustration of readers having to wait for the book they want to read but stop a second to look at the timeframes some of us have waited in the past. I've had to wait a full 12 months for a book. Stephen King ... I read a reader having to wait 7 years for a sequel (Comment made by a reader and not verified) My point is take the time to think about how busy life in general is and then think about how we as people know nothing about what is going on in the home life of our favourite authors. Then rethink how you word your comments or posts. 

Authors are people too, we have lives, we have responsibilities and if lucky enough our very own social lives. We are not robots. We occasionally have the dumbs, brain farts, say stupid things and just get stuck. We are human. 

 Above all ... don't make yourself look like a spoilt twat.